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Mar 7, 2011 4:30am EST
face a tough road ahead. seth doane reports. >> reporter: the phones are finally ringing again at oz moving and storage. the company hung on through two years and a housing slump, when few people were moving. with the economy showing signs of life, general manager nanny zifrani is crossing her fingers. >> my confidence meter is up. it feels like things are back on track. or getting back on track. >> reporter: but now, gasoline prices are up, too. gas is highest in california. where the average is $3.88 a gallon. in new york, it's $3.69. oz moving operates in both states. >> our business runs on gas. every mile counts. >> reporter: for oz, with its 50 trucks, price shocks have immediate impact. every dollar increase in the price of gas adds 20% to its operating costs. and they're already squeezed by higher prices. from heating oil, up 36% since october, to paper, used in cardboard boxes, up 15% since last year. like many small companies -- >> you're looking at a guaranteed price -- >> reporter: passing those rising costs on to customers isn't an option. >> competition is just too fier
Mar 2, 2011 4:30am EST
of heavy rain. the town of findlay in the northwest corner of the state has been hardest hit. as seth doane reports. >> reporter: by air, the scope of this flood emerges. much of downtown findlay, ohio, under six feet of water 56 a violent rainstorm melted the heavy snow pack left by a near blizzard friday. >> getting higher and higher. we don't know what we'll do. i've never seen water like this before. >> reporter: torrents of water overtopped dams and washed through communities, flooding farmnds, and cresting rivers at 16 feet, near record-setting river levels. near cleveland the chagrin river broke through a dam sending 100 people fleeing to safety. when residents couldn't save themselves, rescue workers stepped in. >> pretty happy to see the fire department. >> you surrounded by water? >> yes. >> yes, basement is flooded. whole streets are flooded over there. >> reporter: some scrambling to gather what the water had not already carried away. back here in findlay, ohio, this is the middle of downtown. main street. behind me you can see stranded cars, and closed businesses. but there is
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)